Trump’s “I Can Work With the Russians”

     Trump claiming he “can work with Putin and the Russians” is either another pipe dream shared with every other politician or an ominous preview of morally bankrupt business dealings “trumping” national security.  I’m no Hillary fan.  I think she should be in prison.  Instead she’s given a gold medal for political gymnastics by the FBI and her mass media propaganda machine. But Trump’s historical business dealings with the Russians has the potential to become his version of Hillary’s email scandal – and without the support of the mass media it could bring him down.
     Russia’s “new democracy” is basically a mafiocracy.  Organized crime runs private enterprise in Russia.  Failure to play or pay with the State-run machine dooms any enterprise of integrity.   Just ask Mikhail Khodorkovsky – “democratic” Russia’s first oil tycoon.  Neither organized crime nor any other enterprise thrives in Russia without the approval of Russia’s state police – of which Russian president Vladimir Putin is a former director.  The question is whether the slime acquired by questionable business dealings with Russian decision makers (who are well known to the FBI and INTERPOL) can be pressure washed off a political candidate by placing his assets in a blind trust.
     America has a history of industrialists consorting with the enemy by placing profit above patriotism.  During FDR’s administration a group of industrialists approached former Commandant of the Marine Corps, John A. Lejeune, to lead a military coup against the President of the United States.  Realizing they were serious, Lejeune refused and testified before Congress of the plan.  The industrialists were scolded but avoided prosecution as “too important to the American economy”  – the first “too big to fail” evasion of justice. (Leatherneck Magazine)  Up to and for a short while after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Standard Oil  (and several other american industrialists) were shipping critical war supplies to Nazi Germany.  Standard Oil, founded in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller, has since transformed into entities such as ESSO (now EXON), and SOCal (now Chevron).       In Standard Oil’s case the monolithic enterprise was smuggling tetraethyl lead in whiskey barrels (manifested for the U.S., of course. Whiskey and other luxury items was their payment for Lend-Lease) to Nazi Germany. Tetraethyl lead was the critical additive to Luftwaffe aviation fuel enabling Hitler to bomb London. Manifested to America the additive was loaded at English ports but instead taken to Tenarif,  loaded onto German shipping and taken to Hamburg.  One ship, the Elizabeth Lee, contained 2,000 fifty-gallon barrels of the stuff.  This economic treason continued until called before a congressional committee chaired by Senator Harry S. Truman.  Again these icons of America’s industrial strength avoided being tried for treason because they were still “too big to fail.”  (British War Museum archives).
     Former Democrat President Jimmy Carter famously said “I looked into Putin’s eyes and saw a man I could work with”. The Yale cheerleader, former President George W. Bush (who apparently was clairvoyant) claimed “I looked into his (Putin’s) eyes and saw his soul.”  Well, no one can see something that isn’t there.  That is the opinion of every communist defector.  The highest ranking communist intelligence officer to defect to the United States, Rumanian lieutenant general Ion Pacepa, knew Stalin and worked very closely with Kruschev.  He is constantly amazed at the stream of naive politicians who feel they “can work with the Russians.”  He explains the Russian word for “compromise” is literally translated as “deception” and that no Russian will ever be president of that country without adhering to Lenin’s concept of world-dominating communism. (Disinformation by Ronald J. Rychiak and Ion Pacepa, 2013)
     It is well known the Russian economy would collapse without periodic American financial bailouts filtered through the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  Those bailouts have enabled the Russians to continue their nefarious adventures in the Middle East and elsewhere.  If Trump were to become President of the United States, his business dealings in Russia could help finance the Russian interference in the Middle East.  In other words he would be helping to pay Russians to kill American troops as well as Christians and other non-Muslims.  Pacepa states in his book that after WW II the Soviet Union sent approximately 45,000 advisors to the Middle East and it is they – to this day- who advise and support Iran and other terrorist sponsoring countries.  It was the Russians who fomented and organized Arab countries behind the campaign against Israel and “the Great Satan – the USA.”  Ergo Russian fighter jets bombing “moderate” forces in Syria and taking off from Iranian airfields should come as no surprise.
     So one should be wary of capitalist icons who confidently claim “I can work with the Russians.”  There’s a reason for it. And it isn’t for national security
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