“Bring Back Deported Vets!” …Say What?

I tell ya the PC pity party just never ends. Last week at Barnes Field House on Ft. Huachuca I saw a guy wearing a black T-shirt with what appeared to be a logo mimicking the POW/MIA photo of a prisoner looking downward. However, the caption above it said “Bring Back Deported Vets!” Like most Americans I was unaware the U.S. government deported American veterans. So I approached the guy and said “I don’t get it?” In the most unintelligible, quasi-English he said “Oh, yeah! There’s a guy in Tijuana that is an army veteran who was deported!” I informed him I was both a retired veteran and a retired immigration inspector and that I had never heard of veterans being deported. “Oh yeah! Well, he DID commit a crime BUT…” at which time I no longer cared for his story or to listen to him murder the English language and walked away.
An internet search that evening revealed just that. This poor “deported veteran” says he came to America when he was seven years old and joined the army at eighteen. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division until he “left” the Army. He admits he failed to complete the paper work for U.S. citizenship but complains the army should have done more to help him do so. After leaving the army he subsequently was arrested in Los Angeles for his involvement in a drive-by shooting at which time he was deported.
I admit to being skeptical of just about everybody. As a former cop, counterintelligence officer trained by the best interrogators in the world, and immigration inspector discovering immigration fraud for a long time I went to work on this guy’s story. First, almost every illegal adult alien says he entered the U.S. as a child. This appeals to the heartstrings of the pity party Left just as the misleading caption “Bring Back Deported Vets!” “Bring Back Deported Criminal Aliens!” just doesn’t have the same emotional appeal. Secondly, my assessment of his leaving the army: As long as he was in an M.O.S. that didn’t require a security clearance he was OK. The NAC check at enlistment is somewhat superficial – mostly a criminal records check. But, being in an MOS that was overstocked meant slow or no promotion. Or, not performing well enough to get promoted meant he reached his reenlistment control point, was not promoted on time and was being discharged. If he wanted to change his MOS into one with more promotion potential say, like military intelligence he would have to submit an exhaustive security clearance questionnaire (about 18 pages last time I reviewed them). [As a battalion S-2 I reviewed one of my intel analysts’ application. He listed a convicted child molester as his first character reference, was previously discharged twice from the army under adverse circumstances, and complained of back pain from using a copy machine too much. My battalion commander refused my recommendation for a discharge and endorsed his transfer to counterintelligence.]
The Secret and Top Secret clearance vetting procedure is expensive and exhaustive. It costs about $10,000 dollars and takes about six months to a year depending on how many places the soldier has lived in the last ten years or since his eighteenth birthday. I suspect if this is what the “deported vet” did and he was discharged it was because it was discovered during the vetting process that he had borrowed a relatives, bought a fraudulent, or rented a U.S. birth certificate. This suspicion is bolstered by the fact that after his felony arrest in the L.A. drive-by shooting he was deported.
The internet article said their are 40 congressmen supporting his petition for readmission into the United States. Since Arizona congressman Raul Grijalva (a member of the Congressional Socialist Caucus) was arrested in New York refusing to move during a protest in support of legalizing “Dreamers” that’s no surprise. California governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown has already allegedly “pardoned” this deported criminal alien. No surprise there either. Encountering the language murderer at the gym two days later I told him the “rest of the story.” With a deer-in-the-headlights look he told me “yeah, he wants back in so he can get the benefits.” Really?
Honestly, I’m surprised both weren’t recommended for Officer Candidate School.
(see BringBackDeportedVets.com)

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