Clinton’s “Wall” and 9/11

I’ve struggled to write a book on the real reasons 9/11 happened – other than the obvious intent of the terrorists- since I finally read the voluminous 9/11 Commission Report a few years ago. It’s given me nightmares’
When my sister called me that morning to turn on my television to see the second airliner fly into the second Tower one thing was crystal clear to me. In fact, I said it aloud to myself: Some one or some persons at the ground level of intelligence knew this was going to happen, tried to report it and NO ONE in the upper echelons of the political bureaucracy wanted to hear it. Having been in Special Forces deployed on several classified State Department missions I and my fellow Green Berets were painfully familiar with the State Department’s proclivity for denying or ignoring information conflicting with their Disney Diplomacy.
A few months prior to the Panama invasion, an operational team from the 7th Special Forces Group was patrolling around the ammunition dump in Panama. They came upon a uniformed Panamanian Defense Force (PDF) soldier in his hide site conducting surveillance on the U.S. military installation. The PDF soldier shot and killed one of the team members with a shotgun blast and escaped into the tall grass. The State Department declared the incident a “hunting accident”.
Another 7th Special Forces Group team -or a few members of it- were at the El Salvadoran army camp of El Paraiso when it came under heavy attack by members of the Faribundo Marti Liberacion Nacional (FMLN) a Cuban supported communist guerrilla organization attempting to overthrow the government of El Salvador. While most of the team was recreating in the capital of San Salvador those at the camp took immediate action to thwart the attack. The SF team’s medic “Bubba” Hamm observed an FMLN guerrilla taking aim at the command bunker with an RPG and quickly executed a flying double kick to the guerrilla’s head. Bubba killed him with his bare hands. Around the same time another team engaged in a “Mexican stand-off” with an FMLN hit team in the stairwell of a popular San Salvador hotel. Once El Salvadoran citizens braved the very real death threats from the FMLN and voted for a democratic government U.S. Special Forces were withdrawn. All were awarded combat infantryman badges and some, including Bubba Hamm were awarded Silver Stars for actions at El Paraiso. When the State Department heard of it they ordered the badges and medals rescinded. “There is no hostile environment in El Salvador” they said. Tell that to the blind, ten year old, daughter of a woman whose only child was eviscerated by the FMLN RPG fired into her shower as an example to potential village voters. [Note: several years later, retired (former enlisted) General Shachnow – a fine officer-lobbied congress and the awards were reinstated. THAT is looking out for the troops.]
After switching from 18A (Special Forces officer) to 35D (military intelligence officer) I became the XO for 7th Group’s MI Company. I came to know one of the few remaining active duty, Vietnam NCOs in the intelligence field – SFC “Breeze” Williams. This guy was an outstanding field technician…but a lousy garrison trooper. And I liked him immediately. We had the same venal hatred for CHICKEN SHIT. His lair of technical surveillance gear was located in one of the old wooden, WW II buildings that graced Smoke Bomb Hill for many decades. I wandered into his den one morning and asked what he was up to. Between puffs of his cigarette (much to my not-so-silent annoyance) he told me he had been contacted by a company named RACAL.
Breeze, by the way, had installed listening devices on the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the Vietnam War. So he knew the ins-and-outs of the army’s REMBASS ground sensing system. Breeze briefed me on his recent project. The problem with emplacing REMBASS sensors on the Nicaraguan/Honduran border was the batteries. The AA batteries used by REMBASS went dead in a few days. Emplacing them, then having to routinely go to their location to insert fresh batteries was time consuming, expensive and revealed their location to the Nics who were transiting Honduras to El Salvador (a fact the State Department also denied). REMBASS’ false-positive report (indicating human traffic when there isn’t any) was also high. There was also no real-time IR video capability. Between RACAL and Breeze he fit an IR capable camera into a 7.62cal. metal ammo box with an electric eye trigger that would only transmit when an object tripped the invisible light and transmit it from the bush of the Honduran/Nicaraguan border to Ft. Bragg, N.C. in real time. The batteries lasted six months. It worked so well there was an IR photo of a Nicaraguan soldier walking along a trail well within the Honduran border posted in the hallway of the “white house” of the JFK Special Warfare Center headquarters beside the newspaper article in which the State Department states categorically “there are no Nicaraguans crossing Honduras into El Salvador.” (Cost: approx. $1,700.00 each)
It is said “No good deed goes unpunished”. This is nowhere truer than in the military. SFC Williams submitted an analysis of the “new” REMBASS that Department of the Army had spent 72 million dollars upgrading. He concluded all the internals were the same as those he used in Vietnam with just a new hard cover. He suddenly received orders to Alaska. The Army and the country lost a good man when he retired.
Knowing what I know about the vast intelligence collection capabilities of our government (Human, Signal, Imagery, etc.) convinced me that collectors knew and bureaucrats ignored the roaring indicators leading up to 9/11. I read the 9/11 Commission Report to find the smoking gun proving it. I didn’t find ONE. I found MANY smoking guns. So many it made me physically sick and gave me nightmares. Probably the kind of nightmares those who tried reporting the indicators up the chain had when they were ignored.
I signed on as an immigration inspector at the nation’s most corrupt land Port of Entry in the United States – Douglas, Arizona- early July 1996. I was quickly informed by management “DON’T FUCK WITH THE 7As!” This exact quote was known by every immigration inspector working for INS. 7A is the student category of a visa. There were thousands of foreign students coming back into the U.S. from vacationing in their countries whose visas were invalid (expired or they were no longer students). When these “students” arrived within the U.S. and presented invalid visas federal law required they be put immediately back on the next plane to their country of origin. HOWEVER! COMMA! Each international airline had to pay for that “student’s” return seat on the plane out of their own pocket. Well! They couldn’t have THAT! The airline industry heavily lobbied congress who lobbied the State Department to tell the INS “DON’T FUCK WITH THE 7As!” and thousands of illegal aliens continued to pour into the U.S. for decades. Most, if not all, of the 9/11 terrorists entered on 7A student visas. Only one immigration inspector had the testicular fortitude to keep a hinckey-acting arab student from entering the U.S. via the Miami airport. His supervisor, oddly enough, backed him up and the twentieth 9/11 hijacker was sent back home.


Bill and Hillary Clinton chose a mediocre, Florida old maid for Attorney General of the United States because 1. she was female; 2. she was unmarried and had no children. Several politicians had been in hot water for hiring illegal aliens as house staff and the Clintons made having no children a higher qualification than knowledge of the law, character or principle. The members of the 9/11 Commission Report eviscerated Reno’s FBI for failing to build a counter-terrorism structure within the previously sterling agency. This was the Reno AG who brought us the disasters at Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho. I’ve read the 9/11 Report three times. In my opinion, based on the FACTS reported under sworn testimony, Janet Reno’s Justice Department hack Jamie Gorlick’s rescinding President Reagan’s Executive Order #12333 requiring the CIA and the FBI AGENTS to share intelligence -especially on terrorism-was the single most critical factor in allowing 9/11 to occur. It appears to be the opinion of the Committee as well though the Democrat members would never sign off on that. Yes, the airline industry has blood on its’ hands for jamming open the floodgates of illegal student visas the terrorists exploited. But when the CIA agent who tracked the 9/11 terrorists from Indonesia to Hong Kong and knew which flight they boarded to the United States was told he could NOT inform the FBI the terrorists were entering the U.S. at Los Angeles, because of Janet Reno’s and Jamie Gorlick’s “Wall”, it guaranteed the terrorists success and over 2,000 American citizens and others were murdered.
Janet Reno’s and Jamie Gorlick’s “revision” of EO 12333 removing agents ability to share information and restricting it to just federal prosecutors (appointed by Clinton) was THE smoking gun. When the female FBI agent’s intel reports concerning arab men learning to fly but not to land were repeatedly ignored she prophetically proclaimed “it’s as if they WANT someone to die!” A good case could be made that they did. As we saw after 9/11, catastrophes create committees, committees create bureaucracies which create more government. The unionized federal employees always vote for their job-giver.
There is old black and white, 1930s film footage showing President Franklin D. Roosevelt standing in the presidential yacht with Saudi King Faisal. Oil had been discovered and the Arab / American Oil Company (ARAMCO) was in high gear. A reporter is heard asking FDR if it’s a coincidence the Saudi king is visiting the U.S. just as oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia. FDR gives his famous Cheshire cat smile and answers “there is no such thing as coincidences in politics”. Fast forward to the 21st century to one of the Clinton flacks boasting “never waste a good catastrophe”. Combine these with the fact that Osama bin Ladin’s father was the Saudi royal family’s chief engineer. He built the highway from Riyadh to Mecca and remodeled Mecca itself. When bin Ladin senior died in a plane crash the Saudi king told the bin Ladin family that Osama would be his adopted son. It’s the Saudi king who supported bin Ladin in Sudan and Afghanistan. It was Saudi princes (sons) who transported cash and passports to bin Ladin in Afghanistan that enabled movement of his terrorist acolytes. So, if 1. there are no coincidences in politics; and 2. blood (religion) is thicker that “water” (or politics); and 3, money is the life blood of politics, then it’s not a far reach to conclude that Saudi money influenced at least two U.S. presidents of different parties to manipulate the system away from the adopted son of the Saudi king. It might explain why Clinton and Bush the Cheerleader continued to deny the CIA’s Alec Team permission to kill bin Ladin over thirteen times.
There is a legal term for such conduct. It’s called Depraved Indifference. It’s equal to second degree murder. And there is no statute of limitations for murder.
And, by the way, Senator McCain, it was NOT a “Signal failure”. If you had cared you would have known that.

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