Trump’s “Shithole Countries” – Right Again!

It so happens that in the real world there ARE shithole countries – literally and figuratively.
My first experience with them was in 1960. My father was an Air Force air traffic controller and had been transferred to Germany. Family housing was in short supply. My mother was appalled to find the only place my dad could find for the five of us to live was a three-story apartment building facing a busy street– and three large barns to the sides and rear. Germans stack their “stable cleanings” into neatly squared, ten-foot tall piles beside their barns. They use it for fertilizer and are apparently immune to the smell. The only parking space for dad’s Opel was right beside one of these odiferous monuments to German superiority. Germany’s probably gotten rid of their manure piles in the cities – replaced by a world of immigration shit hitting the proverbial fan.
My second experience was on Okinawa in 1961. Okinawans’ sewage system consisted of “benjo” ditches. I never learned the English translation of “benjo” but it was probably “shit.” They were just open sewage ditches running along both sides of the dirt roads of every village on the island. Since the Japanese took over they’ve cleaned that up. Now Okinawa is as crowded and expensive as Japan proper. We lived there four years (’61-65). I visited my Okinawan step-uncle Isamu in ’91 while stationed in Korea. I’d rather have the old Okinawa with the benjo ditches.
To see a real shithole country you won’t have to travel far. Mexican citizens (and I have met many, many decent Mexicans) can’t flush toilet paper down their toilets. They wad it up and put it in trash cans adjacent to their toilets because their sewer system won’t handle simple toilet paper. American border cities’ restaurants accommodate this practice by placing trash cans in their rest rooms – making them smell just like Mexican toilets. Want to sit on a toilet and smell someone else’s shit paper? Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world…and the only city known for having FECAL RAIN. So, LaMeCha and you whining, socialist Azatlan activists, you want the U.S. to be returned to Mexico? Shiiit!
If life is so great in Mexico why do criminals surrender themselves to us after a few days or weeks living there? As an Immigration Inspector at the Douglas, AZ Port of Entry I was working the pedestrian lane talking to a bunch of little kids. I felt someone standing too close in my blind spot. I turned quickly and saw a 19 year old, white male looking at me. “Can I help you?” I asked. “Yes, I want to turn myself in.” he said. “For what?” “For murder. I murdered my girlfriend’s boyfriend”. Beside the irony of his contorted reasoning he said he couldn’t stand it in Mexico anymore. Another time a van load of young Americans came through one of the vehicular inspection lanes and came up as a TECS hit for murder. They had murdered a young, Christian family of four at a rest stop in South Carolina and fled to Mexico. They quickly made a U turn after entering Mexico choosing arrest in the U.S. to living in Mexico. And every Mexican government official I met wanted to immigrate to the U.S.
If you want to travel a little further to see a shithole country go to Haiti. Haiti and several other drug haven, corruptly governed Caribbean countries lead the world in sexually transmitted diseases (particularly AIDS) and poverty rates. After seeing the hurricanes’ devastation my question is always “how can you tell the difference between before and after?”
If you are really Jonesing for a fecal fixation fly to the Middle East. The first thing tourists notice on the bus ride approaching Alexandria, Egypt from Cairo is the horrible smell. The tour guides respond “What smell?” There is a suburb in Cairo where the poorest of the poor live among the dead and (mostly) buried. It’s called the City of the Dead. Where do you think they shit?
Fly south of Egypt and you could pick any one of a number of shithole African countries. Nigeria is best known for internet fraud by its’ upstanding citizens. But Number 1 on my list is Somalia. Somalia has been known for decades by the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund as the “black hole” (cosmicly speaking) of international financial aid. U.N. troops were sent to Somalia instead of the much worse off country of Sudan (and I’ve been there too) is because the U.N. Secretary General Boutros-Boutros Ghali and the ousted Somalia president Siad Barre were partners in the Somalia Bank – and they wanted their money back (that and the “CNN Effect” on gullible American politicians). Prior to their national slush fund being confiscated by chaos they had a rule that prior to anyone withdrawing funds from their bank the customer had to ask permission from the president of the bank.
Besides drought, internecine tribal conflicts, and political corruption Somalia is literally a shithole country. The best evidence of this that I witnessed was the “SSTs” – Somali-contracted trucks driven around the U.N. camps throughout Mogadishu collecting the shit from the Brown & Root contracted outhouses. I don’t know what SST stood for but we all called it the “Shit Sucking Truck”. Somalis would follow the Shit Sucking Trucks, open the release valves above the back bumper and wash their hands in the draining shit and piss. Next to Sudan I’ve never seen a country so lacking in water.
The hyper-hypocritical moral outrage by some Democrat leadership and their propaganda machinists proves three things: 1. They’ve obviously never used profanity in their own taxpayer-supported lives; 2. They apparently have never lived in a Third World country, and 3. They are desperately grasping at straws as they drown in eight years of Obama’s seditious administration trying to salvage a consistently failed platform: “Sucking” in Useful Idiot voters.
The United Nations left enough shit (literally and figuratively) in Somalia to fertilize half the country (like they do everywhere they go). Just like American politicians. So, President Trump, keep calling it like it is. No shit.

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