California Needs Spanking

California is throwing another tantrum and should be spanked. As the parent, the federal government should administer the strap. It is more than allegorical.
The United States gained the territory of California “fair and square” (more or less) in the war with Mexico (1846-1848). At the request of its’ territorial residents, California was admitted into the Union two years later on September 9, 1850. Its’ paradisiacal environment has fostered a megalomaniacal hedonism ever since. The spoiled brat of the United States fomented sedition in the ‘60s from the nest of radicalism -UC Berkeley. It is now in state-wide open rebellion by providing government sanctioned sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens. The Oakland mayor sending out a “Five-O” warning to her constituent criminal aliens was one of many shots over the bow of the U.S. Constitution. It won’t be the last.
Governor Brown and his state legislature are in violation of several federal laws.
The first and most basic violation is the contract upon which California was admitted into the Union. The admission of territories into the Union is governed by Congress in accordance with its “plenary” (complete and absolute) power under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the Constitution. After a favorable referendum by the residents of the territory, they were required to write a state constitution which was submitted to Congress for approval. If accepted by majority vote Congress issues a joint resolution accepting the territory into the Union as a state and the President of the United States issues a proclamation to that effect. Congress is under no obligation to admit states even when the territorial population has voiced a desire to do so.
In being admitted into the United States of America, California agreed to two specific federal requirements: 1. it will always have a republican form of government, and 2. it will “forever recognize the sovereignty of the Federal government.” The reasons for this are articulated in the Federalist Papers (written to convince the colonists of the need for a strong Constitution – well worth reading). California is simply emulating several self-interested colonies under the failed Articles of Confederation.

Secondly California has stated they intend to unilaterally make treaties with foreign governments. The chaos created by the thirteen colonies doing exactly this was the main reason for replacing the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution – again justified in the Federalist Papers. Watch PBS series “The Adams Chronicles” available on NetFlix for a historically accurate depiction of the subject. This was the also intent of the southern states at the beginning of the Civil War.

The third California violation is the arrest and incarceration of retired law enforcement officers carrying authorized concealed weapons and other American citizens under their home state weapons laws by California law enforcement agencies. For federal officers this is known as the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA). For non-law enforcement citizens the National Reciprocity Act allows interstate transportation of personal weapons in accordance with their home state’s laws. Neither California nor many domestic U.S. military bases recognize these federal laws. The Second Amendment does not apply in California and on our military bases despite what the Supreme Court says. Both are violating federal law. It is making law abiding American citizens extremely vulnerable.

Lastly, aiding and abetting illegal entry into the U.S. – is self-explanatory. This is also known as “Accessory after the fact” and is chargeable the same as the actual crime itself.

To “spank” California I offer these Courses of Action:
1. Rescind California’s admission into the United States of America. Revert it back to the status of territory. This would authorize the occupation of federal troops as the arbiters of law and order. This would eliminate –excuse me, remove – members of Congress like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, California could not vote in Congress thus eliminating much of the opposition to Trump’s Make America Great Again Agenda. The 70% of MediCal and Social Security cheaters would be cut off as non-citizens. Citizenship of individuals can be revoked by the federal government. Why not apply it to states? Congress probably doesn’t have the votes necessary to excise that tumor – yet.
2. In reference to Jerry’s claim Attorney General Sessions’ law suit is an “act of war” I echo the words of militia Minuteman Captain Preston at Concord, 1776 “…If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” Treat California like its’ seditious predecessors of 1861. We can prolong the agony of civil war by dragging it through the courts for decades like the State’s Rights was but more innocent American citizens will be killed and our ballot system corrupted beyond recovery (if it isn’t already). Or President Trump can order the 21st century version of Sherman’s March to the Sea – only in the opposite direction – “Sherman’s March to Sacramento!” The only negative consequence of a scorched earth policy toward California would be the subsequent exponential mass exodus of Californians into previously untainted states (kind of like what’s happening now). They should be interned in New Mexico …with their Roswell kindred.
Historically the federal government hanged citizens committing sedition. The most famous being John BROWN. John Brown murdered innocent men, women and children in his anti-slavery crusade. California governor Jerry “Moonbeam” BROWN and his fellow Sanctuary Seditionists facilitate the murder of innocent American men, women and children under the rubric of “humanitarianism” toward criminal illegal aliens – Left Speak for voter fraud. Jerry deserves the same punishment as John: “to be hung by the neck until dead.” With Maxine and Nancy it would be political euthanasia.
California provides a large percentage of the nation’s food crops. It has strategic harbors for naval bases and international trade. America cannot tolerate California seceding from the United States any more than it could lose the southern states in 1861. We’ve invaded foreign countries for a lot less.
That famous Oklahoman, Will Rogers, once said “America is the only country in the world that has a professional criminal class…Congress. This is especially true of those from California.

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