Mike’s Movie Forensics

I took an interrogation course from former Israeli intelligence officer Avinoam Sapir.  During the training the instructor stated that every word is important in determining the truth of a suspect’s statement.  He also warned not to use these techniques with friends and relatives…because everyone lies to some degree or other.  I understood his reasoning as I divorced my ex and raised four kids.

The real problem, though, is it affects how you watch movies!  I don’t know if it is my naturally suspicious nature, extensive legal training in law enforcement, military counterintelligence training, or inspecting aliens requesting entry into the United States thousands of times a day for ten years and nine months that makes me question stated facts.  But it bugs me that it affects my enjoyment of movies.  I haven’t subscribed to TV for about five years now.  When I watch it at the gym or at my kids’ homes I can’t stand seeing the sewage and bullshit people pay to watch.  So I watch Netflix movies.  I get movies the old fashioned way… in the mail.  I’m told you have access to more selections than by doing it online through your TV.  I don’t know.  All I know is I’ve become amazingly happy to a: watch only what I want to watch; and b. no commercials!  I’ve also discovered foreign films are written at a higher intellectual level than most American films.  There’s some darn good foreign films out there.  Captain Abu Raed is just one of them.  I believe the reason for this is Americans have been dumbed down by the Progressive education system for the last 30+ years and as a result the American viewing audience has become more materialistic, devolved to a much reduced attention span (media studies find 4-6 seconds), and reading skills have plummeted resulting in an avoidance of reading English subtitles.

So I’ve decided to put all this training and experience into analyzing movies.  WARNING!!! This will irritate many because I am going to debunk some very popular movies – starting with Lone Survivor and American Sniper.  Stay tuned.