Captain Abu Raed (Netflix) One of my top ten favorite movies – and high on that list.

St. Patrick’s Battalion (Netflix) true story of Irish immigrants recruited fresh off the boat to fight in the war with Mexico – for 40 acres and a mule. The religious persecution of them as Catholics by Protestant NCOs and officers, their defection into Santa Anna’s army.

The Tall ‘T’ (Netflix) with Randolph Scott. Probably the most perfectly written and realistic Western movie.

Denial (Netflix) true story of 1990 British trial requiring historian Deborah Lipstadt to prove the Holocaust actually occurred

Ardor (Netflix) dramatization of actual land grabbing in Argentinean jungle.

“Northern Line Limit” documents the true story of a South Korean Patrol boat crew who was fired on by North Korea during the 2002 World Cup soccer games in Seoul.

“The Square” – Documents Egyptians demonstrating for democracy.  One of the things most interesting was the alliance between Christians and (many) Muslims against the dictators …and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Independence (aka The Orange Revolution)”  Fascinating documentary on the Ukrainian people’s demand for democracy against a convicted felon president seeking to return Ukraine under Soviet control.  I kept asking myself one question:  What took them so long to threaten armed resistance? 

Inequality For All” narrated by Robert Reisch   (Netflix).  I started watching this with a significant amount of skepticism due to Reisch’s liberal democratic leanings, his pro-union stance, his Berkeley professorship, and as a Clinton Secretary of Labor.  But he makes his point on income inequality in the United States.  I finished watching this actually admiring the guy.  Not only does he prove his premise statistically beyond a doubt (it jives with David Stockman’s – a Reagan budget officer- The Corruption of Capitalism) but his childhood and mine (thus the “crusader” complex) being bullied are similar.  His end of semester speech to his class was inspiring.  He cares about the middle class.  I realized not all Democrats are radical, leftist liberals. They may be portrayed that way by Wall Street speculators who are cannibalizing the middle class and the politicians whose pockets they’ve lined with campaign funds, but they may actually be centrists – which should be the goal for all of us in a republic.

“Where Do We Go Now?”  NetFlix

“Maiden Voyage”  Netflix

In the Name of My Daughter”  NetFlix

This Is What Winning Looks Like” (google Vice website).  This was recommended to me by a Marine who has two tours in Afghanistan ……and is very close to my heart.  He said “This documentary ‘nails’ it.”  Last year I wrote a  blog on this site titled: “Stop this PRETEND War Now!.  This documentary of the “war” in Afghanistan should be seen by every American -especially those who have lost buddies, friends and loved ones.  This documentary very clearly puts the lie to Bush and Obama’s “victory” and “finishing the mission”.  I rage when I think my sons and those of thousands of other American parents are sent to such a FUCKED UP country to risk their lives and sometimes die.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No muslim, no arab, no raghead is worth one drop of blood of one of our service members.  ………heads of the State department, DHS, Justice Department and IRS?  Hell yes!

Obsessions”  history of radical Islam.  This was one of the first before the rest of America woke up to the threat.  Don’t let the fact it’s produced by the Jewish Council dissuade you from watching it.  It’s the truth.

The Third Jihad:Osama“.  (NOT about Osama bin Ladin).  It is a movie about a 12 year old Afghan girl who poses as a boy in order to be able to attend school and gain an education.  This should be watched by every American female – especially members of the National Organization for Women (NOW) who seem to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the incredibly barbaric treatment of Muslim women by Muslim men.

The Stoning of Soraya M.  This a damning true portrayal of what life is for Muslim women.  Where’s the outrage, American feminists?

Timbuktu.  Portrayal of how radical Islam takes over villages in north Africa.

Bliss.  (Turkish) Life for an Islamic woman caught between archaic and misogynistic male muslim beliefs and modern Turkish society.

Enough!  (Algerian) During the Algerian Civil War of the 1990s surgeon Amel journeys into the war-torn countryside to find her missing journalist husband who may have been kidnapped due to his controversial articles.  Neighbor Khadidja, a former revolutionary fighter joins her.  The two strong-willed women have to put aside their differences to survive.

Belgique Libre!    (Belgian) True story of the WW I underground Belgian newspaper who, banned by the Germans, never missed publishing an issue… the cost of 22 editors being shot by the Germans.  Great ending and a testament to the value of a truly free press.

’71  (Irish)  British soldier who got lost in the wrong part of Dublin during “The Troubles.”

The Last Hangman.  (British) True story of Britain’s last hangman.  Morbidly fascinating.  Something we should reinstitute in America.

Armadillo  (Danish)  Danish soldiers experience in Afghanistan.

Libertador  (The Liberator)  (Peru) Story of Simon Bolivar liberating South America from colonial Spanish rule.

For My Father (Israel) A Palestinian youth is strapped into an explosive vest and sent into Tel Aviv to be a martyr – but the fuse malfunctions and he reconsiders.  Meets a beautiful girl while still strapped in awaiting for repairs.  Interesting ending.

The Unknown Soldier: “What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?”  (German)  The truth about the average German soldier during WW II.

Mugabe and the White African:  Have you ever watched a movie that made such an impression on you that you sit for twenty or thirty minutes thinking about it?  This was the case as I finished watching the award-winning Netflix movie “Mugabe and the White African.”  It takes “an unprecedented look inside the politically fractured African nation of Zimbabwe under dictator Robert Mugabe.  This documentary follows Michael Campbell, one of the country’s few remaining white farmers, as he bravely battles to protect his land from government seizure.”      I watched in astonishment as every word has also been spoken by an American citizen, Barack Obama, or Eric Holder.  Simply substitute Obama for Mugabe, class warfare for land redistribution, middle class for farmers and this documentary shows what Obama, Eric Holder and the other Socialists in our government have in mind for America.  Watch the movie (including the end notes) to see if justice prevails.

Lawrence of Arabia”  A classic portrayal of how one person can make a difference in war – or used to.  That kind of initiative and leadership is punished today by the chain of command.

The Battle of Algiers” -was made just a few years after the actual FLN insurgency occurred in Algeria.  Black and white in French with Engrish subtitles but historically accurate.

The Green Berets”  I heard that John Wayne paid out of his own pocket to produce this movie since none of the communist bastard hollywood producers would back it in the ’60s (’70s?).  John Wayne was a closet philanthropist who never turned down an opportunity to appear in fundraisers for a good cause.  He may have been an actor but what he symbolized……they don’t make in America (much) anymore……my sons and their comrades excepted of course.

Ghandi”  A LOT of what Martin Luther King wrote and spoke of he borrowed from Ghandi.  Ghandi was a true peaceful revolutionary.  Ben Kingley’s acting was outstanding.  But if you’re in the mood read MLK’s “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” and “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speeches.  Pretty inspiring.

The Hunt for Pablo”  This is how we should kill all the MFing cartel leaders in the world.

A Guerrilla War Diary “The Motorcycle Diaries”  (read the info on the back.  There’s a recent version -maybe by the same title or by the title “Che'”.  I don’t recommend reading (or funding) the more recent bullshit propaganda, bio on Che’ produced by a radical group as a fundraiser for Socialists and Anarchistic, anti-American scrotum maggots.)

“Day of the Falcon”  Fiction:  A movie about Arabs by Arabs.  Good action and love story set in early 20th century Arabia as oil was discovered in their sacred land.

9 Company”  Fiction:  Follows the recruitment, training and deployment of young, Russian men who are sent to Afghanistan.  Any combat veteran of any country would identify with them.

Father of a Soldier” (Djariskatsis Mama) 1965 NR 82 minutes Russian with Engrish subtitles. The ravages of war go under the microscope in this moving film, directed by Rezo Chkheidze and first released in the 1965, about Giorgi Makharashvili (Sergo Zaqariadze), a peasant who travels to see his injured son at a hospital. When he gets there, he discovers that his son, a soldier, has been treated and sent back to the front. Giorgi decides to follow him there and witnesses the battle against fascism.

Leviathon – Russian film depicting the corruption of the political system in the “NEW RUSSIA.

The Ascent” (Voskhozhdeniye) 1977 NR 111 minutes.  Acclaimed Soviet film director Larisa Shepitko offers the rigorous and surprisingly spiritual story of two Russian World War II partisans isolated from their comrades deep in the woods, trying desperately to avoid capture by Nazi forces. The tense drama also explores the landscape of the human soul and its capacity for loyalty and betrayal, themes masterfully culminated in the film’s final scenes. Boris Plotnikov and Vladimir Gostyukhin star.

Doc Martin” TV Series.  Hilarious and poignant.

M.I. 5”  BBC TV Series.

Come and See!”  A Russian movie reenacting actual Nazi atrocities during WW II.  Outstanding acting by the child main character.  Black and White.  Russian with Engrish subtitles. *

**** The Reader”  2008 R 125 minutes.  In this haunting drama, middle-aged lawyer Michael Berg reflects on the brief but formative sexual relationship he had as a teen with an older woman in 1950s Germany — and his feelings years later upon learning she was on trial for Nazi war crimes. DESPITE THE (NON-EXPLICIT) SEXUAL REFERENCE, THIS MOVIE IS VERY POWERFUL AND VERY EMOTIONAL.  It  should have been advertised as a most dramatic situation of choosing between two rights.

This Is England” 2006 NR 100 minutes.  After his father is killed fighting in the Falklands War, a 12-year-old boy named Shaun falls in with a gang of young skinheads. Still angry and in pain, Shaun becomes susceptible to carrying out the group’s hateful agenda

City of Life and Death” (Nanjing! Nanjing!) 2009 R 135 minutes.  Director Chuan Lu pulls off a rare feat by providing a clear-eyed drama about an event in Chinese-Japanese history — the 1937 Rape of Nanking following that city’s capture by Japan — that still casts a shadow over relations between the countries. Shot in black and white, the film chronicles the six-week period through the eyes of multiple characters — including a Japanese soldier, a refugee camp supervisor, a resistance fighter and others.

Back to 1942”  This is a true reenactment of the population of Henan Province, China  who became refugees at the invasion of the Japanese, ignored then rejected by the various levels of Chinese government resulting in over 3 million of them starving to death.

Tae Guk Gi”  Korean produced about two brothers who get caught up in the Korean War.  The Koreans have “got it” when it comes to reproducing war scenes – to the level of Tom Hanks “Saving Private Ryan”.

My Way”  – Korean.  If you don’t get tired of realistic war movies from the Korean perspective this is a good one.  One poor Korean kid and a Japanes kid ,son of a military occupying Japanese officer, vie for track records pre-WWII.  When war breaks out they both end up fighting in the Japanese then the German Army -ending at D-Day. *****

“Bella” 2006 PG-13 90 minutes.  THE BEST FILM ABOUT THE SUBJECT I’VE SEEN.  It’s a beautiful movie!  Two lost souls — Nina (Tammy Blanchard), a pregnant, unmarried waitress, and Jose (Eduardo Verástegui), an introspective cook with a tragic past — find solace in each other as their lives become unpredictably linked throughout the course of one incredible day. First-time director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde also co-wrote the screenplay for this inspirational story about love, hope and forgiveness.

***** “The Color of Paradise” 2000 PG 90 minutes.  Awash in the sights and sounds of an Iranian summer, this moving family drama stars Mohsen Ramezani as Mohammed, an 8-year-old blind boy whose poor widower father (Hossein Mahjoub) nearly abandons him at a school for blind children. Welcomed home by his grandmother and sisters, the bright boy is eager to immerse himself in the world of the seeing — but his father fears Mohammed may hinder his attempts to remarry into a prosperous family. ***

Katyn” (Post Mortem: Opowiesc Katynska) 2007 NR 117 minutes.  Polish director Andrzej Wajda helms this Oscar-nominated drama based on the 1940 massacre of some 20,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia at the hands of Soviet troops, along with the stories of the wives and children who survived them. How did they carry on in the face of such horror, especially when responsibility was publicly denied by the perpetrators? Joachim Paul Assböck, Andrzej Chyra and Stanislawa Celinska star.

***** “My Name is Khan(Khan)”  2010 PG-13 161 minutes.  Rizwan Khan, a Muslim man with Asperger syndrome, lives happily with his wife, Mandira, in San Francisco until a tragedy drives her away after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Now he’s on a quest to recapture the heart of the woman he loves.  When the movie ended I so very much hoped it was based on a true story.  It wasn’t.

***** “Idiocracy” (3001)2006 R 87 minutes.  SOMETIMES TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.  Two average Americans — an Army private and a prostitute — are sent to the year 2505 after a series of freak events. But when they arrive, they find a civilization so dumbed-down that they’re the smartest people around.  This is hard to watch because it is SO TRUE.  Thank you progressives in the National Teacher’s Union and the NEU.

Himalaya(Himalaya – L’enfance d’un Chef)” 1999 NR 109 minutes.  As the denizens of a Tibetan village prepare for their arduous annual trek to exchange salt for grain, the community’s allegiances are split between the aging chieftain Tinle (Thilen Lhondup) and rebellious young Karma (Gurgon Kyap). Tinle tries to maintain his clout and preserve obedience to ancient customs when Karma challenges the old man’s power. Director Eric Valli’s mesmerizing tale received an Oscar nod for Best Foreign Language Film

Zero Dark Thirty” I was pleasantly surprised that this movie so accurately portrayed the struggles of a female CIA agent in getting her supervisory bureacrats off their asses to support her in tracking -and finding- Osama bin Laden.  What was glossed over during the CIA’s presentation to the President’s “vetting team” was the efforts by Obama’s Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett to put road blocks in the way of the CIA and Special Operations Command that delayed killing him for seven months.  Just as well, it would have detracted from the female analyst and all those who participated efforts’.  This movie depicted the real mission of intelligence: TARGETING and the synthesis required between intel and operations.  I’ve been in rooms where commanders -like the CIA station chief- DEMANDED sufficient intel to produce targets on the ground for operators to take out.  I’ve also been in a conference room of staff for 35F intel analysts in which two “educated” admin pukes had the balls to tell me “Targeting isn’t the end all to be all”!  That summarizes why army M.I. is as defunct as the Department of Homeland Security.

Generation War  I prefer to watch movies in their original languages with English subtitles.  This is a true story of five German friends’ experiences during WW II.  The battle scenes are well done.  It’s an interesting weave of their differences experiences based on their attitudes at the beginning versus the end of the war – with more than a little irony.

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