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This Is What Winning Looks Like”   – A three part video on YouTube (VICE productions) showing the utter impossibility of Bush’s constantly changing mission in Afghanistan.  Perhaps if he had EVER visited a Muslim country -or asked HIS DAD- he would have known invading en masse was wrong-headed.  Obama’s continuation of the lie to save political face qualifies both of them for charges of murder and treason in my opinion.  Any sane person who has ever been in that part of the world knew the U.S. can’t “export democracy”  What a ludicrous concept from ethnocentric and ignorant policy makers.  I hope they rot in Hell with Johnson and McNamara.  Diana has some excellent and very informative columns.  Check out her “Time to rediscover America’s truth-tellers” editorial.  Some real surprises for those who don’t believe there are insidious interests undermining the freedom of America.  An outstanding site for info on the Left.

NumbersUSA    Excellent site for immigration’s impact on America.  I believe the author’s name is David Beck.  His video graphically explaining the number of immigrants coming into this country is outstanding …..and shocking.

Grand Deception      Award winning documentary on Islam’s intentions for America.  I can’t find the video on YouTube and it costs about $176.00 on  If anyone can find it for free please let me know.

Turning Point USA     This website lists “progressive”, liberal, Socialist, Communist, anarchist, Democrat (they’re all the same in my opinion) university / college professors who brainwash their students while gagging their God-given right under the First Amendment to self expression in what used to be temples of free-thought.  The website does a lot of positive work espousing the principles that made America great.


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