“How can I reason with an unread man?”  – John Adams, second president of the United States of America.

After blogging for about three years I have grown weary of expressing my opinion on things – especially in light of some of the seething irrational responses by some.   Encountering a female Canadian “visitor” to my home town at a local restaurant recently who “has a friend who swears there is a double standard cops have for whites and minorities” was only one example.  She had neither listened to nor read the D.A.’s report of the grand jury findings in the Ferguson shooting.  Nor was she inclined to.  When she started shouting at me the manager had to ask her to lower her volume, change her tone, or leave.  She left.  Before she did so she looked at me with eyes I can only describe as Velocer Raptor eyes.  You know.  The ones in Jurassic Park.  Her type have been increasing exponentially since the ’60s.  When some consciously choose anarchy over reason there is only one recourse to preserve our society.  I call it “Full Auto.”

To preserve what mental/emotional stability I have left in seemingly constant conflict of one sort or another I’ve had to force myself to remember that I alone can’t save or change the world.  Yet, “on the other hand” (as Tevya mused in Fiddler on the Roof) I can’t exorcise the thought -as Steven Covey and others proclaim- that one person can make a difference.  So, I will continue reading primary sources (not getting my information from radio or TV) and writing my opinions in hopes of providing information for your consideration.

If you are still interested in anything I might say on a subject you can click on the RSS feed tab in the right column to be automatically updated.  I don’t write regularly (many of the books I read are rather lengthy – sometimes I think I’m a literary masochist both in quantity and subject matter) but I will continue sharing my experiences and interesting and important information I believe we Americans should know as I glean it.

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